Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodeling nh

Regardless of the scale of the project, a bathroom remodel is a good opportunity to save energy and water, improve comfort, and control moisture. A poorly insulated bathroom can mean higher heating and cooling expenses, miserable bathers, or both.  Moisture buildup can create a moldy room and damage the structure of the whole house. Turn Cycle Solutions in Nashua, NH, works to make the space aesthetically pleasing, but also make it a priority to create a comfortable, efficient, and dry room.

Up to half the water consumed in a home is used in the bathroom. Conserving water saves money in two ways: by reducing the amount of water used and by reducing the energy used to heat it in the home.  This can be achieved by replacing old faucets and showerheads with new ones.

Whether a faucet is replaced or not, simply adding a faucet aerator can save water. Faucet aerators replace the faucet head screen. They add air to the spray to lower the flow. High-efficiency aerators reduce the flow from 2-4 gpm to less than 1 gpm, which is sufficient for most bathroom sink activities. This retrofit can save from 4% to 7% of the home’s total water consumption, and aerators cost only about $2 each.

An average family can save roughly 17,000 gallons of water per year with showerhead and faucet replacements.

Replacing the toilet will also save water. Toilets manufactured in the United States are now required to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf), compared with 3.5-5 gpf for older models. To meet this low standard and still flush well, a lot of new toilets use pressure created within the household’s water supply to generate a more forceful flush. These pressure-assisted toilets tend to be noisier and more expensive than those relying on gravity, but they do a better job of removing solid waste and staying odor- and soil-free.

During a bathroom remodel where there is work being done involving pipes, there is the opportunity for further insulation.  By providing more insulation in exterior walls and behind shower walls, it will make the room more comfortable, especially after stepping out of the shower.  We will also look for places to air seal the bathroom and keep your home from losing energy. This helps so that you don’t have to crank the heat or air conditioning for it to be comfortable in your bathroom.

Further options for ventilation in the bathroom can be explored.  Vents and fans are places that can cause a home to lose energy, so looking at more efficient appliances is a good idea since you are remodeling the room anyway.

Our talented team can renovate your bathroom in a timely manner and make sure you are pleased with the results. We will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process.

Our bathroom contracting work speaks for itself. See it here.