Our Process

We assess your home using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, recommend options to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, and handle the installations you select.

In the field of energy efficiency, it is rare to find a company that takes the homeowner through the whole process, start to finish.  Typically energy audits and eco-installs are two separate companies and require the customer to be the communication between the two.  Turn Cycle Solutions is the one stop shop for all your energy efficient upgrades with no changing of hands necessary, giving us an advantage over the competition.  Turn Cycle Solutions helps save you money and increases your homes energy efficiency through a three step process.


To first asses a home, we perform a comprehensive energy audit. An energy audit allows the homeowner to see whether their house is running energy efficiently or not. The auditing tests the home and is used to determine where heating and cooling losses are happening within the residence.




Once we determine the deficiencies of the home, Turn Cycle Solutions will sit down with you and explain how energy efficient your home is, what measures will yield the best improvement, and what available rebates you qualify for! Because Turn Cycle Solutions is one of preferred contractors for the major rebate programs, we will make sure that you are able to bundle all of the rebates together and get the most affordable price!



The next step is to go forward and install the energy efficient measures. Each of Turn Cycle Solutions staff is highly trained and certified.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on working with the customer to work with their schedule, whileproviding stellar customer service through the entire process.



Test Out

After we have performed the install, we will test effectiveness of the improvements through a final test out.  This ensures that the install measures were done to the highest quality and ensure you that your home is truly energy efficient!



You can join the process at any stage!  If you have already received an energy audit, we will certainly perform the install!