What To Expect

A Typical General Contracting Project

What does the timeline of a typical general contracting project with Turn Cycle Solutions look like, from start to finish?


Initial Call

TCS will gather your personal information to create a CoConstruct account. CoConstruct is a construction-based online platform that TCS uses as its hub for each client. TCS will conduct our client communications primarily through this tool. During this initial call TCS will also request preliminary information, images and/or drawings of your proposed project. TCS will then schedule you an Expectations Call with your TCS Design Build Specialist and an on-site visit.


Expectations Call

Your Design Build Specialist will proactively discuss expectations pertaining to your project timeline, specifications, and determine your budget for the project. During this call TCS will also determine if professional drawings are required or requested and during the onsite visit.


On Site Visit

Your Design Build Specialist will come to your home and meet with you to review the project in depth. During this visit TCS will take measurements, analyze project viability and determine next steps with you.


Secondary Visit

Depending on the scope of your project TCS may need to collaborate with additional trade professionals to ensure our proposal is accurate for your project (ie plumber, electrician, architect, etc.).


Estimating Process

TCS will produce a proposal reflective of the onsite assessment, specifications, selections and drawings made during the preliminary phase of the project.


Contract Review

TCS will send your proposal via the CoConstruct platform; upon your request your TCS Design Build Specialist will reach out virtually to review the scope of work associated with project. You may make a request for modifications to the proposal through the messages tab within CoConstruct. When a modification is requested it can take up to 72 hours for the request to be processed to allow for TCS to properly secure updated material and labor price changes.


Signed Contract & Deposit

To move forward with your project, you will sign the proposal electronically through CoConstruct; TCS will issue a deposit invoice via CoConstruct to be paid within CoConstruct or via check. After you sign the proposal and submit the deposit payment, TCS will initiate the scheduling phase of the project and you will be introduced to your TCS project manager.


Specifications & Selections

If there are remaining material selections or design decisions to be determined for the project to start (ie, sinks, faucets, toilets, etc) those selections will need to be 100% completed prior to the start of any construction. TCS needs to know exactly what we’re building prior to construction commencing to ensure the least disruption to you during the construction process; this also allows our team to have a clear expectation from the start, resulting in a more efficient install.


Pre-Production Walk Through

At this phase your project will move to your TCS Project Manager who will be your point of contact through the duration of your experience. Your Project Manager will review the proposal onsite to confirm your specifications and selections as well as to set final expectations for the construction process to begin.


Start Construction

The most exciting step in this process (second only, of course, to the day we finish construction) is that TCS will place a yard sign on your property to signal the start of construction!


Construction in Progress

During the construction process your TCS Project Manager will be your point of contact for all the day-to-day operation needs. This may include but not be limited to scheduling, management of man power, changes in work, work scope clarifications and progression billing.


Finalize Construction / Close Out

One to two weeks prior to the close of your project, your TCS Project Manger will review the work completed to create a punchlist if applicable. Once all final items have been addressed, TCS will remove the yard sign along with any remaining construction equipment, and close out the project. Please expect a final invoice within 72 hours from the completion of work at your home. TCS requires final payments to be made within 24 hours from final bill being sent.


Follow Up

TCS will reach out with a survey to receive feedback from you. We welcome online reviews through Google or Facebook.


Warranty Phase

From the final billing date, your project will go into a 1-year warranty phase and we thank you for your business!

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