What To Expect

A Typical Weatherization Project

What does the timeline of a typical weatherization project with Turn Cycle Solutions look like, from start to finish?


Initial Call

TCS will gather your personal information to create a CoConstruct account. CoConstruct is a construction-based online tool that TCS uses as its hub for each client. TCS will conduct our client communications primarily through the CoConstruct platform. TCS will need your utility account information and your home’s fuel usage for the last two years of the property to begin the qualification process with NHSaves. TCS will schedule an “expectations call” with our weatherization sales specialist.


Qualify Customer

TCS will work with NHSaves to qualify you for rebates. If you are not qualified, your expectations call will outline next steps. The qualification process can take up to 15 calendar days. If funding isn’t immediately available, you may have the ability to join a waiting list; TCS will keep track of your project in our queue during this time.


Expectations Call

TCS wants your Weatherization Specialist to know what your expectations are prior to our site visit. During this call please be prepared to discuss your timeline requests, specific problem areas and most importantly, your budget for the project.


On Site Visit

If you qualified for NHSaves, TCS will conduct a comprehensive energy assessment to include an air leakage test, and attic to basement walk through. The cost of this audit is $100 per NHSaves; TCS will issue this invoice via CoConstruct and will require payment prior to the audit or at the time of the audit. If you choose to move forward with the project, the $100 will be applied to your total co-pay or out-of-pocket cost. If not qualified for NHSaves, your TCS Weatherization Sales Specialist will perform a visual inspection from attic to basement.


Estimating Process

TCS will produce a proposal of cost reflective of the findings from the onsite assessment. The proposal will reflect the amount of upfront rebates for which the project qualified. These rebates will be directly paid by the utility to TCS.


Contract Review

TCS will send your proposal via the CoConstruct platform; upon your request your TCS Weatherization Specialist will reach out to virtually review the costs associated with project. You may make a request for modifications to the proposal through the messages tab within CoConstruct. When a modification is requested it can take up to 72 hours for the request to be processed (and approved by the utility if the project qualified for NHSaves). From the date we issue the proposal, you have 45 calendar days to sign and secure the rebate money allocated toward your project. After 45 days, the utility reserves the right to release these funds to help other community members make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.


Signed Contract & Deposit

To move forward with the project, you will electronically sign the proposal electronically in CoConstruct and TCS will issue a deposit invoice via CoConstruct. After you sign the proposal and submit the deposit payment, your project will move to your Weatherization Production Manager’s desk for scheduling.


Pre-Production Walk Through

Walk Through Your Weatherization Production Manager will review the contracted work onsite prior to the job commencing to verify the workscope quoted and set expectations for the install.


Project Starts

The weatherization work takes place where most people don’t prefer to go – attics and basements. However, our installation crew will welcome you to review the work if desired. We will also share photos as requested.


Finalize Construction / Close Out

Upon completion of your project, the TCS install team will provide our office with the paperwork to properly bill you. Please expect a final invoice within 72 hours from the completion of work at your home. TCS requires final payments to be made within 24 hours from final bill being sent.


Follow Up

TCS will reach out with a survey to receive feedback from customer. We welcome online reviews through Google or Facebook.


Warranty Phase

From the final billing date the project will go into a 1 year warranty phase and we thank you for your business!

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