Mineral Wool

Benefits of using mineral wool insulation:

  • Fire Resistant

Delays the spread of fire, and may provide you and your family with precious extra minutes to escape.

Won’t burn, or release toxic gases or smoke when exposed to high heat.

Withstands temperatures of up to 2150ºF (1177ºC) – well above heat levels of typical house fires.

  • Water Repellant

After exposure to water and moisture, won’t slump in the wall cavity like many conventional batt insulation products and R-value will not be affected.

Inert substance that does not support mold or fungal growth; resulting in a safer indoor environment for your home.

  • Made from Stone

Created from a unique combination of stone and recycled slag – a by-product of steel production that would otherwise go to landfill.

Non-directional fiber structure and higher density for better dimensional stability and an effective barrier against noise.

  • Easy Installation

Simple to cut and install

  • Sound Absorbent

Non-directional fiber of ROXUL stone wool helps absorb acoustic waves and can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise.

Effectively reduces airflow and sound transmissions.