Bathroom Remodel – Epping, NH

Project Info

This bathroom is built into the rear of the house, which is actually in a barn. The Turn Cycle Solutions team was contracted to create a custom bathroom for the customer. Along the way we ran into a couple of hiccups, as all the home improvement TV shows always show. When we removed the sub floor to prepare the room for tile flooring, we found that all the floor joists and rim joists were completely rotted and infested with termites because it was in an unconditioned crawl space. We ripped apart the entire floor in 4 hours and started replacing it before end of business to keep to our slated project schedule presented to the customer. After working through that we were able to get our plumbing and electrical roughs completed which required some updating. There were no vents installed for the plumbing originally, so when the toilet would flush the sink would gargle, so that was an issue to address.